Thursday, February 28, 2008

The weather's been so nice and I feel like a popsicle...

I don't know what that title has to do with anything, but the weather has been nice. Too bad we haven't been able to take advantage of it! We've been stuck inside because the kiddos are SICK! I don't mean that they're totally cool either--in fact, they're burning up. Temperatures of 104 and achy bodies--poor Ben doesn't know what to do with himself! Last night, Madeleine had weird hallucinations and thought Sophia was locking her in the garage while she was in our bedroom. Then, she lunged for me, held on tight and looked me straight in the eye, all the while saying, "Momma, Momma--I think I'm going to die!" Poor things! Sophie's hasn't fully hit yet, but I'm sure it's on its way.
All this while we've been having to let workers in and out of the house. We had a garage door guy here at 7am yesterday; an electrician at 7:45am; a plumber at noon (who by the way didn't know what he was doing, said he couldn't get the toilet unscrewed and wouldn't go down in the crawlspace even though that's where the leak was--I ended up fighting with the insurance company that hired him and got totally stressed out). Today, we had the roofer here by 10:30am and the pest guy at 2pm. Two days ago, we had a gutter guy come out too. Funny thing is, without knowing it, we ended up knowing the gutter guy and the pest guy! Tomorrow, we have a REAL plumber (hopefully) coming out; we'll take care of the last 2-3 things we can to finish up, and the appraisal will be Tuesday at 10am! I'm getting a bit excited!
Also, I weighed in last night and I lost 2 lbs! I shouldn't have lost at all--I didn't do as bad as last week, when I ate and ate and gained a pound or so. But I didn't totally count my points. Still, I lost. So I'm totally excited because I have to keep pulling up my pants when I walk and even my unders are getting a bit roomy! The other night, I was hauling in stuff from the car and had my hands full. I was walking through the garage and tried to do some still dance move to make Ben laugh and the next thing I know, my pants are around my ankles and the kids are laughing their heads off! Madeleine's mantra is "It's not a diet, it's a way of life!" She certainly has the idea of this better than I do at times!
The weather is supposed to turn this weekend, which I suppose is the upside to having sick kids. We have to miss their games, but can use this time to finish up our house projects.

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