Monday, February 25, 2008

Inspections and life in general...

Well, we had our inspection yesterday. We will get the full results from our guys tomorrow, but the results were a little disappointing. Something about carpenter ants, mildew and a leaky toilet. Sounds like the setup for a bad joke--a bad real estate joke at least! It seems like it will be okay, though. Then we'll have the appraisal. Then we'll be done!
However, we thought we had the living situation worked out for after we sell the house. After last night, we weren't so sure. Then today, thought it would be okay. Now after tonight, we're not so sure. In fact, I've spent the last hour looking at apartments online. I cannot go into detail without hurting someone, but I'll just say this--I'm facing a situation that is very deep, very personal, very scary, very spiritual and I'm terrified that I might lose someone very close to me. All this could affect where we live. Also, all this could be affected by where we live. I'll cryptically leave it at that. Just pray for us, please.
I've sucked at Weight Watchers this week. However, a friend has joined and we've made plans to join forces and attend together, so hopefully that will jump start my enthusiasm. I may use my skip a weigh in card this week, but really, I'm hopeful that I just won't have a gain. I haven't done as bad as last week, and I only gained a little over a pound last week, so perhaps I just maintained this week. I also have all day tomorrow and Tuesday to work a bit harder. I guess that giant Sex on the Beach I enjoyed with my friend Kari last night at a local burger joint won't help me on the scale, but I must honestly say, it sure helped my sour mood! I have one drink every 6 months or so and I must say, I thoroughly enjoy it!
Had a great time at our home group tonight. We are absolutely loving our new church and getting to know these couples in our home group. Stark difference from our last home group experience we had a few years back, but that doesn't surprise me. Everything in life seems to be different right now. Still dealing with some bitterness and resentment from that situation and it seems to creep up at the oddest times. At any rate, we're enjoying the messages we've been hearing lately and the music at church was phenomenal this morning!
Well, tomorrow's Monday and I must take to task the job of schooling my wee ones! We've had a bit of a break and I must catch them up this week! Have a Happy Monday!

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Ryan Donovan said...

Hey Stacie,
Hope it all works out well for you guys with your house. Sounds like its been a bit of a roller coaster. Do fight against the bitterness. From my experience with bitterness (much of which has come from the same place - GCC), it's a losing battle to be on the other side of it. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but thought I'd mention it.