Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update on stuff

So the inspection report was worse than we were told, because our great realtors didn't want to ruin our weekend! However, it wasn't as bad as it could've been. There is a roof issue; a minor electrical issue; a leaky toilet; a leaky shower; a drain issue; water heater strap needed; a gutter needs replacing; garage door issue; a vapor barrier issue and carpenter ants. So I spent all day on the phone with contractors. Let me tell you--I'm hoarse and stressed and a bit pissy at this point! But I did get the gutter replaced today. We have the garage door guy and the electrician coming out tomorrow morning (in about 6 hours actually); the plumber coming out tomorrow afternoon; the pest control guys coming out Thursday; and Teddy and I doing the other stuff (de-mossing the roof; laying vapor barrier--well, Teddy's doing that one alone; fixing the leaky shower and drain problem; and strapping the water heater). Thank goodness I am as handy with the tools as Teddy is!

Here's the best part about the whole day. We were very worried, even though we tried not to be, about the roof situation. It could've been thousands of dollars! But the buyers roofing guy came out today to give an estimate and he figured $250 to fix it! YES! Looks like our deal is still on!

I will weigh in tomorrow and hopefully I will have lost some weight. I've been doing the whole emotional eating thing the last two days and it's gotta quit! My oldest daughter has been sick with the flu today, so I'm hoping this is one time she won't be kind and share!

Here's some pictures just because I need some stress relief--these were taken back in January at Teddy's birthday dinner:

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Bonnie said...

Hey Stacy! I hope you'll keep blogging because I personally think it is great! I love your honesty too!! you rock (o:
These pics of your kids in the mexican hats are too funny, what is hilarious though is how much your daughter looks like YOU!!!! It blows me away (I think she's the younger one in the blue-ish aqua color shirt)
anyways, what cute kids (O: you are blessed.