Monday, February 4, 2008

YAY for the Giants!

Let's just start off by saying WAY TO GO GIANTS!! We despise the Patriots and what a fulfilling Superbowl. Unfortunately, our son's new flag football team picked that for their name last week--just like a knife in our heart! In fact, he didn't want to play anymore and we had to do some major bribing to get him to agree to play on a team called the Patriots!

So two weeks ago, my weigh in should have shown a gain. I mean, we ate out a ton, for different special occasions. Lo and behold, when I stepped on and had lost another 2.8 pounds! That’s a total of 10 pounds and more than I’ve ever lost on Weight Watchers without gaining any back. Unfortunately, last week at my weigh in, I gained 2.4 lbs. because I did not follow program at all. I’ve begun to explore the reasons why I start to get scared when I lose weight. Anyway, I remain committed to this journey of losing some of myself!

Still no buyer on the house, although we had 2 lookers last week. Here, check out this link and look for mls# 8011337 to see our fantastic house. You want to buy it, I know you do.
This weekend, we finally broke with our old realtor and signed with our new ones. We’re really excited and they seem really excited to sell our house. We’re having an open house this coming weekend. The best part is that we found an old appraisal and because our 1092 sq ft home is actually appraised at 1224 sq ft, we can sell it as such! That’s great news! When we sell the house, we think the plan is to have a repeat performance of this fall. Yes, that’s right—we’ll live with my mom for a couple months, in her 20ft camping trailer she keeps parked next to the house. Yay for us! >:( The only good thing to come of that that I can see is being able to pay off our bills. Last time we did it, everything was unbelievably great and improved our relationship a ton. This time, some things in the situation have changed and I’m a bit apprehensive. So, we’ll see….

We met with the pastor involved in our icky situation at our old church two weeks ago, and it went so unbelievably well. I’m so used to situations like ours turning badly that I was prepared for that. I wasn’t prepared to hear the humbleness and the deep regret over a situation handled badly that we heard from the pastor. It was like salve to our wounds and restored our faith a bit. We still aren’t going back to our old church and are enjoying assimilating into our new one, but it makes it much easier to maintain those relationships left behind and to leave the door open to possibly going back there, if for nothing else than for special occasions. Just today, also, we got a follow up call from another pastor there who is new—we’ve not met him—but he’s been involved as he’s helped the other pastor work through the situation. Also, I got an apology letter from the person who hurt us the most and that has helped a ton too. But we’re still not going back there anytime soon.

Teddy’s 34th BD was last Sunday and we went out to dinner last night with his parents, my parents, and one of his sisters. We had a good time, except a little issue with alcohol being served. Short story is, because of a few incidences lately and because of my past, we have decided to become a dry family. Anyway, we haven't really been able to let our families know, as some of the info behind that decision has to do with them. But one thing for sure--our oldest daughter has severe issues with anyone drinking, especially one of us. Well, one parent bought Teddy a margarita and then his sister bought him a shot--sincere gestures of birthday cheer--but our daughter just started bawling. The tears were just coursing down her cheeks. So, it was evident to us that the past year has been a hard year on her emotionally and it just confirmed our decision to be teetotallers (I just learned that word on Cash Cab today, that's why I'm using it so much!)

Last thing we’ve been working on…I’m looking for a part-time job. Hopefully just a couple nights a week, in the evening. I have an interview this Thursday at a new take-and-bake pizza joint opening in Hazel Dell area. It’s a start, to build my confidence! If I can work for just 5-6 months, that could really help us pay off our debt and be better going into a new house!

Well, tomorrow is Super Tuesday and, as much as I shouldn’t worry, I am a bit worried for Mike Huckabee. I’m praying that the grassroots effort that has been put into his campaign shows us the results we’re hoping for!

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