Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another milestone

Sophia has had a loose tooth since August, but just this past couple weeks it's gotten VERY loose! This week it's been hanging by a thread. Everytime Daddy tried to pull it out, it hurt too bad or just wouldn't let go! Today it's been bleeding a lot when she brushed and really hurting her. So Big Sis Madeleine decided to help things along. She got out tissue and ice, sat Sophia down to ice her gum, and went about collecting some other items. Teddy was in the middle of telling me a big story of the day when I hear "I pulled out my tooth!" Because I was so engrossed in what Teddy was saying, we didn't really hear her. She said it again and came running over with bloody tissue in her hand and a cute little 5 year old front tooth! Madeleine was disappointed because she really wanted to yank it and Ben wanted to call everyone and tell them Sophia's news! But we let her have her moment...she kept saying "I wasn't even paying attention!" because that's what I kept saying! I feel that we're hitting more and more milestones with her and each one slams the door on ever having little ones at our home again! Sigh!

But she sure does look adorable with that hole in her mouth!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Madeleine!

So it's 1:30am on November 14th. Ten years ago today, at this time, I was being prepped for a c-section. Twenty-four hours of labor had produced a dilation to 5cm and nothing else was happening. I was stalled. My fantastic, compassionate OB, Dr. Higgins, had gently informed me that she thinks we should throw in the towel. We gave it all we got and it wasn't getting! I even remember what she was wearing, which is an odd detail to remember. Anyway, Madeleine was born at 2:24am, healthy and happy. I didn't fare so well after surgery, which set us up for a rough beginning. But we made it through that first night...and our lives have never been the same again.
Madeleine seriously rocked our world...our expectations of birth and parenthood were so different that what the reality was...and as much as I sometimes feel like I've failed as a Momma...as much as I messed up...as hard as I tried...she's still the most awesome kid I know (her brother and sister included). From day one, she's always wanted more of me than I seem to be giving her...and lately, I've realized that instead of bemoaning her neediness, I need to relish it. Soon, she won't want to hold my hand all the time, or sleep with me, or hang out in my bathroom while I primp. She's already stopped asking me to take baths with her (besides, she only showers anymore); she no longer opens her covers and says, "There's plenty of room for you in here" (although she has a loft bed, with a cave to sleep in that I can't access); and she no longer needs my help doing her hair, picking out her clothes, or brushing her teeth. I think I'm going to try to give her as much of me as she wants, and remember to take, take, take from her, so when the day for good-bye comes, my cup will be fuller!

Madeleine is mature for her age; compassionate; sincere; honest; kind; giving; mostly self controlled; a bit bossy; and has a sense of humor that's hilarious. She is intelligent, talented, and passionate about God, piano, soccer and performing. How blessed are we to have such a great kid? So happy birthday, my sweet snuggle bug...you're 10 today and finally in the double digits!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ten years ago today...

...at this same time, 1:24am on November 13th, 1998, I was laying in a hospital bed, trying to rest. I had the tv on low, watching news. I had a painful IV in; had eaten two turkey sandwiches; had flipped my husband off because he was snoring away on the couch and I was jealous (and I wanted him to stop snoring--and yes, I was a bit cranky and apologized later on for doing that); and had some weird gel on my cervix supposedly dilating me. In my mind, I would be pushing that baby out while listening to some fantastic mix tapes I made, with my family surrounding me. I'd have absolutely no drugs, being that I'm a strong Indian woman and can do this easily. Right? :) Uhh...things don't always happen like we want them to.
Today is the last day my oldest daughter will be a single digit age. November 14th, she turns 10. She'll be a decade old. I'm in shock and awe that it's gone so fast. We're half way done raising her, and if you consider 18 as adulthood, then we're more than halfway done. I contrast that with my friend Cindy, whose oldest son turns 18 on Monday. I met her when he was about 9 years old and Madeleine was 10 months old. So I've watched her experience the years I'm about to enter, and I see her now celebrating his "adulthood" and easing into letting go. Don't know my thoughts on that yet, I just know that life is so hard to wrap our heads around sometimes.
We have a big two weeks coming up...a surprise bd party for Madeleine on Saturday with girls sleeping over; dress rehearsal week and the run of the show she's in; Thanksgiving at our house this year; and lots of church, sports and family obligations. So if you think about me in the next few weeks, pray for us please!

No, I haven't moved to a different country since the election...

(I wrote most of this about 2 days after the election but just posted it tonight)

I'm really kidding about the title. I didn't consider moving. Well, okay, for two seconds I did. I'll be very honest...I'm a bit fearful of what's to come with the new President. I don't trust him. However, I do trust God and I'm not fearful of what's to come with Him. So, with that in mind, I'm committed to pray for Obama, respect his position, and see what happens. Here's a verse that comes to mind concerning this...

1Everyone who trusts the LORD
is like Mount Zion
that cannot be shaken
and will stand forever.
2Just as Jerusalem is protected
by mountains on every side,
the LORD protects his people
by holding them in his arms
now and forever.
3He won't let the wicked
rule his people
or lead them to do wrong.

Psalm 125:1-3

Now don't get me wrong...I'm not saying Obama is wicked. I'm just saying that Obama does not have more power over my life than the Lord and in that I find my comfort.