Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good news on the homefront

We had an open house both days this weekend. Yesterday, a couple fell in love with our house. Out of 20 houses, both in Portland and Vancouver, they've put ours at #1. Apparently, they're a couple weeks away from moving forward, but still, that was good news! Then, today, a young couple fell in love with our house! They have a 4 month old baby and stayed about 30 minutes, making plans of how they would watch the baby play out the back windows as it grows, and which room it would be in. Exciting for us, but made us get a little nostalgic too. Anyway, they told our realtor that they're going to get financing tomorrow, they've been talking with their parents about it tonight, and they had a couple questions too (do our walls have 2x4's or 2x6's--weird-- and wondering if our trampoline is included!) Anyway, we may have an offer on our house this week and that is FANTASTIC news!

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