Monday, February 18, 2008


Yes, it's true! Our house was re-listed just two weeks ago with our new realtors and it sold today! I wasn't even to the couple from last week--it was a couple that came to our open house on Sunday, walked in and knew it was the home they wanted! We got our asking price, but have to pay about $6200 in closing for the buyers! :( Also, they included our playset, which was okay, but also asked for our trampoline, which wasn't so okay. But we were willing to do it, if necessary. WELLLLLL, our awesome realtors told us tonight, as we were signing our papers, not to worry about that--they are buying us a new one as a housewarming gift when we buy a new house! They knew it was Sophia's birthday gift last year and it meant a lot to us (and probably didn't want us haggling over the trampoline and losing the deal!)--still, these guys are awesome! Without going into detail, they also went to bat for us, doing things just a bit different than they normally do, going through a bit of trouble for us! Such a great experience after a long wait to get this house sold! So, we will be closing by March 18th!

Now, we're having a bit of bittersweet emotions. I lived in this house when I was 11 for 3 years, then moved back in when I was 23. We've lived here for the past 10 years, owning it for the last 6 or so. I got my first kiss in this living room; my first monthly womanly thing in this house; conceived my babies here; brought my babies home to this house; experienced all those "first" things with my kids here; and most of the neighbors have known me my entire life. It's a bit sad and exciting at the same time! So we're going through a lot of emotions now!

We still have to go through the inspection and stuff, so the deal is not sealed yet. But I just have to end with this--God is so good and I know He has a plan here--always has. I have just come to the point where I'm riding the wave and letting Him take me where it's going. I know this too--life and faith is about relationship more than anything. This whole house thing has helped us make some relationships that are great; helped us realized how important other relationships are; and is helping us to work on some other relationships as we move into my Mom's house again for a while! Anyway, thanks to all who prayed for us and wished us good thoughts! YIPPEE!!!! Oh man, I just started crying, thinking about not having another Easter in this house and I'm just on a roller coaster of emotion!

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