Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sorry all I can ramble about is real estate crud and weight....

So let's just get the obvious out of the way. I gained 1.2 lbs. Darn. I've been fighting about 2 lbs for the last 3 weeks--up then down, up then down. The thing is, I had only 1 lb to lose to get into a weight bracket I've not been in for at least 4 years (like from the 130's into the 120's--that's not what I weigh,but we can just pretend, right?). I think I'm a bit terrified as my body changes. So my goal this week is to just track my points and not think about what my weight is, hopefully I can get over this hump.

The house's moving right along. We are nearly done with all the fixups. The same fixups that were estimated to be about $300 are now estimated to be about $1200. We've spent $847 so far and will know the total after the plumber leaves tomorrow. I have no words to describe my feelings on this matter. None. Well, muttering "bloody hell" under my breath in a British accent might suffice, I suppose.

The appraiser came today and we also learned that the buyers apparently would like to close sometime next week!!!! So, I had to rent a truck today, round up some manly help, and think about packing. I say think because I never got around to it. So I hope I can get all our stuff packed by this Friday night! ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

It's starting to hit us now, that we're moving. Or at least, that we're giving up our house. Madeleine was up late tonight, bawling her eyes out. Which makes me start to cry, but I don't let her know that. I sat outside in the back this morning, taking it all in and remembering years past. Not just my kiddos playing back there, although there was lots of that, but also of my own girlhood memories. I know some people don't get sentimental about houses, but I do. I've only owned one, and for a long time too. These memories are starting to take over everything--I pull out of the driveway and think that this is the road the kids learned to ride bike on; I do dishes and think this is the kitchen they first ate real food in; I go to bed and think this is the room I conceived babies in. I start to hate the buyers. Then I start to get excited about, for the first time in my life, I really get a chance at a fresh start. I even looked into keeping my phone number, because I've had it since I was 16. But I decided to just let it go and get a new one. See, I've only really done things that are versions of things I've done before. I went to college, but only to Clark Community College (version of high school). I bought a house, but around the corner from my mom and one I used to live in (version of childhood). I abhor change, but at the same time, get so bored by routine that I don't function well.

Anyway, we're in the home stretch and things are stressful. I have a great story to share about $100 and God's love that I'll save for a better time, when I can really do it justice. For now, pray that we can move easily and I can actually lose weight this week.

Think of little ol' me from childhood saying goodbye to my house.....

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