Friday, September 12, 2008

We started school...finally!

So Sophia couldn't wait to start Kindergarten. She talked and talked about it for weeks leading up to Memorial Day. She knew we were starting the next day. However, I did not realize that she thought she was GOING to a building. When I explained to her that we're doing it here at home, I expected a meltdown. What I got was arms around my neck and her exclaiming, "You mean I get to stay home with you and Ben and Mimi?" She said she was excited to go to school, but not as much as doing school at home!

So, Monday night, I'm relatively prepared to start school. Except I'm feeling awful. Tuesday, I arranged a play date for the kids, went to the dr. with Teddy and proceeded to feel worse. By Wednesday, I was flat on my back sick. I slept and stayed in bed for 4 days. Madeleine prepared lunches and got me water; Ben did some fun craft stuff with Sophia; the girls swept and dusted. It was awful. It's two weeks later, and while I'm not laying in bed, I still can't do much without getting completely fatigued!

At any rate, we did start school this week Monday. The first day was the best school day ever. But we have had a productive week and the only struggle I have is that I can't give Sophia enough work to do! She loves it.

Here they are the first week of school (and we did get Ben's hair buzzed off the next day):

My 4th Grader

My 2nd Grader

My Kindergartener

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