Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not blogging

I haven't been blogging or doing much of anything lately. I've been sick for over three weeks and I think it's time to see a doctor. I also haven't come to much of a conclusion on the schooling thing, except we signed up for our co-op that we were taking a break from for a session. That made the kids feel better. Also, we've decided to have Madeleine test for a magnet/alternative middle school option for next year that is accelerated and used by a lot of homeschoolers. Other than that, not sure what I'm doing...rather, what God wants me to do.
Okay, since I'm trying to keep it real, I'll come clean and admit that other than being sick, I haven't been doing much of anything because I'm obsessed with the Twilight series of books. I read the first one, Twilight, on Saturday night and finished it at 4am Sunday. I then got the second one Sunday night around 10pm and finished it around 3am Monday. Teddy wouldn't let me get the next two, because they're hardback and more expensive. So I spent a few hours yesterday on the author's website, reading a rough draft of the yet to be written fully 5th book, which is really the whole first book but from Edward's POV, not Bella's. It was 264 pages I read online in PDF form. All day, while we were in the Gorge, I kept thinking about the story. So tonight, I sighed and said I wished I had the next book. Next thing I know, Teddy is taking me to Barnes and Noble to buy it! So needless to say, I'm reading and I will be going to see this dumb teenage angst vampire/Romeo and Juliet movie on November 21st because I am hooked!

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