Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer is winding down

I can smell it in the air. School is upon us. Even though we homeschool, I can't help but get caught up in the back to school excitement. This weather makes me think of tennis practice; watching the football team practice; new clothes; hope for a successful year (or a popular year!); homework; new friends and a new teacher; and a wide world opening up for whatever adventure awaits us.
The end of summer also means that we'll never have another summer when the kids are 9, 7 and 5. Because of all the changes we've seen the last year or so, it makes me sad that I can't really remember anything fun we did this summer. This past year has just been about survival. So I have some making up to do this year!
I've been contemplating some deep thoughts lately, on the evangelical church in America. I'm finding that I'm quite disillusioned and not so sure what my thoughts are on church, Christians, conservativism, and the like. But one thing I have realized is that I was in a habit of putting God into a box and making Him fit into my description. Now I'm seeing that He is so much bigger than I let Him be and that is opening up so many options to me, as far as what being a Christ follower, a Jesus lover is. I'm not embarrassed of Christ--I'm embarrassed of Christians and the dumb things we say and do, and the way we hate each other in the name of love sometimes. At any rate, that is what I've been pondering.
What are you pondering lately?

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