Friday, September 12, 2008

My baby girl is growing up

Lately, we've been into spur of the moment living. So, spur of the moment, I gave in and had a talk with Soph about getting her ears pierced. Normally, I'm the naysayer on that issue. Well, she was gung ho, once she realized that she got ice cream afterwards.

So Wednesday night, we met Aunt Heidi at the mall and went to Claire's Boutique. Soph was a bit nervous, but she didn't freak out. When they actually pierced them, she started to cry and jumped a lot. I started to cry and felt a little sick--I was holding her hands and standing right in front of her. I held her and told her it was okay to cry--she didn't have to hold it in. But she was so brave! Later, she told me she was holding her breath so she didn't cry in front of strangers.

They hurt her a lot that night and she was very clingy with me. But they look beautiful and she really was so brave about it. I'm having a hard time--piercing ears has always been a wierd issue for me and being that it was my baby, it's upset me a bit. But she's doing well and it was completely her choice, so I'll be okay with it eventually!

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