Monday, September 15, 2008

Something to add

I just came across this article, after having a conversation with my oldest daughter about going to school next year. She wants to, because she's behind a bit due to taking most of last year off, and because she doesn't like the schedule we've been keeping. The "Mommy sleeps in too late again" schedule. Then I come across this article.
I think a lot of the reason I want to quit is because I think we've got too many gaps and because I can't get around to everything I need to teach. I also think I'm getting a bit depressed again, so regular life is hard to do, let alone schooling three kids. The pressure of doing it right is overwhelming me. But in my heart, I still feel called by God to homeschool. I know a lot of this could be solved by me changing rather than our situation changing. I also think I'm bored, because I bore easily.
What am I to do? I feel like I'm failing and I don't like that I feel I'm disappointing my kids. I also don't like thinking about certain people in our lives who have just been waiting for us to quit, telling us that all along they thought the kids wanted to be in school and they're just glad we've finally come around. AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!! I don't like this feeling or these thoughts.

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Kat said...

Hi Stacie, I would like to comment and my reply might be lengthy. I have met you before and am also wanting to share that story with you. I would prefer to email you directly. My email is Don't worry I am not planning on bashing or criticizing you. Quite the opposite actually, I have great respect for you doing homeschooling. I look forward to hearing from you.