Thursday, March 13, 2008


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Yes, in spite of a stressful week and not counting my points, I still lost 3.4 lbs! I am finally outside of one weight "generation" and into another. Yippee! I was sweatin' it going in there, though. I was sure I gained!

We are almost officially moved. This past Saturday, my husband's carpool buddy and good friend, John, came over as well as my best friend's husband, Dan. They both helped us all day, without complaining and going above and beyond what we expected. We are so grateful, as we couldn't have moved all that we did in one day. We had a 26' uhaul truck and moved our whole house, plus our 10x20 storage unit into a 12x30 storage unit. Sadly, we filled it. A very convicting moment for us--how little we really need to survive and how little most of the rest of the world has to survive on, yet we feel "poor" and can't pay all of our bills. Sad.

Anyway, we have a dump load to take this weekend and a few more things to move out of the garage and side of the house, and then we are done! Luckily, closing got moved to a bit later of a date! However, it was moved because the buyers had a bit of a problem with their lending and we had to play with some numbers in order to get them the cash they needed. It doesn't affect our numbers at all, or very little, but it's still stressful!

Being here at my Mom's isn't bad, relationship wise. I've done no homeschooling at all for the last 3 weeks or so, so we will have tons of catching up to do. The only irritating things are having ALL our clothes in boxes and plastic sacks out in the garage and the animals. My mom has this adorable 6 month old Lab that she rescued from imminent death. However, he joins an ancient black Lab, named Sadie, and a blind Terrier named Lady. The new dog, Jake, likes to play and piss off the other dogs. He also likes to tackle my kids, bite all of us, chew up everything in site including our shoes and underwear, bark loudly at the other dogs which means the blind one barks back even louder, although she's not sure what she's barking at, and basically this adorable dog has ruined Sophia's future relationship with animals. That being said, it is a comedy of errors to some degree, as he does hilarious things like jumping on my step-dad while he's sitting on the couch. Not just jumping on him, but using his private area as a launching pad to land on his shoulder and then try to smother him as he jumps over his face and onto the other side of the couch. All in the name of playing!

Anyway, this week we realized that our money situation is a bit tighter than I'd hoped but we will not last here in the trailer as long as I'd hoped. So, we went looking today for houses. We viewed about 8 and none of them said "I'm the one". Next week we will get debt paid off, get financing and start looking seriously. The kids and I leave for Pennsylvania on the 1st, with my mom, so I hope we can have a house in mind and be ready to see some action by the time we get back!

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