Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to Teddy, part 1

My wonderfully loyal and hardworking husband turned 37 this past Thursday. Isn't it funny how once we pass age 25 or 30, birthdays just don't matter anymore? But we did what we could to make it special. The kids had CYT classes and couldn't miss them, so Teddy's parents took the two of us out to dinner. We went to Red Lobster and Teddy had a great meal. After CYT, he and I took the kids to YoLicious to get frozen yogurt, and he got to choose as much as he wanted with as many toppings as possible! We also got him a few clothing items for the big day.

The big present, though, was a wonderful weekend away for the two of us, courtesy of my Mom. She let us use her timeshare, and also watched the kids. Teddy's mom and dad gave us some dough, and that coupled with the money from my mom for his birthday, enabled us to have a fun weekend just hanging out.

We visited Hug Point, just past Cannon Beach, and we walked on the beach at Manzanita. We ate out a little, we cooked a little, we walked around Seaside a little. We really didn't do anything at all, and didn't think anything about what we should be doing. It was very fun!

Love you dear hubs!!! So very much!

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