Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A belated happy birthday

I can't believe that my favorite (only) son Benjamin turned 10 this month and I completely put off writing him a special blog post!!! Goodness, it's like I've been focused on ME and all MY problems lately! Sigh...

So, to my little boy who's not so little anymore...our journey this past decade has not been an easy one. As I reminisce over it, the thought occurs to me that those of us who have rough journeys often see bigger blessings at the end. But let's not start there.

Let's start at the beginning, when you were one of the biggest babies ever born at that time in the SWMC FBC. Ten pounds, eleven ounces and 21-1/2 inches. WOWZA!! Good thing I didn't push you out!!! You were such a content, mild mannered baby, although you often had a worried look on your face (a pre-cursor to your later years, where you lay in bed for HOURS, just thinking). When you turned one, the dynamics of your personality (mixed with the fact that you are a boy, after all) began to show through. Thus begun our up and down journey!!! Good thing Mommy was entirely in love with you, which has made it entirely impossible for me to ever give up on you even in your times of trouble!! AND lucky for Mommy, you are entirely in love with me and don't give up on ME when I make huge mistakes and fail at providing a good example for you.

Just like your best friend Mimi is emotionally very similar to Daddy, you are emotionally very much like Mommy. They are stuffers, we are exploders (or "sharers", if we're trying to describe ourselves more gently). They breath deep, we slam yell and talk back. They take a walk, we slam a door. They get mad then calm down, we cry and cry for hours. The positive in that is that they love loyally and we love deeply...it's a good pairing! :) And then your other BFF Soph? We haven't figured her out yet, but the two of you sure do laugh a lot together.

Some people might wonder why I would speak of things that seem so dark, when I'm celebrating your 10th birthday? But remember that promise I made you years ago (probably not, so I'll remind you)...I will never lie to you or sugar coat life for you. I will always present the truth to you as gently and honestly as I can, while protecting you as long as I can and as best I can from growing up too fast. So, the truth of our relationship is it has been loving yet unlikeable; loyal yet hurtful; fun yet imperfect; joyful yet scary....but I would not ever trade any of it for a different son than I have in you. You have my heart, little man, and you always will.

Your soft heart for the sad things in this world inspires me to be a better person; your belly laugh and quick wit encourages me to always look on the bright side of life; your forgiving heart and deep thinking mind challenges me to always look for truth in the world; and your love and understanding of Jesus keeps me holding on in those darkest hours of doubt and pain. You will never know how much you've changed my life and my heart. I'm so glad I am your Mom!!!

Happy 10th birthday Bugaboo!!!

And just for you, dear Ben....our song! :) I love that you tear up when you hear this song.

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Julianna Lawson said...

This brings me back! I remember visiting you and your little man in the hospital . . . and I brought along my sewing so I could finish up Bethie's cradle bedding!