Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm doing this in earnest this time!

I mean it! I'm going to keep my blog up, even if what I have to say is controversial or boring. So, to kick off my re-launch, I will let the world out there know that my name is Stacie and I am an addict. Addict? Uh-oh...she's really starting with a bang, being transparent and all!

My addiction isn't a bad one, necessarily. I am addicted to reading. Have been my whole life. I know some of you out there would scoff at my literary choices. You see, I'm not a fan of the classics. I've read some, and even been changed by some of them. But I love everyday fiction the most. I know...I've found many circles of people that disclude me because I am not a deep reader by their standards. However, I love stories that tell of everyday people going through everyday challenges...the husband who leaves the wife, the child with autism, the sisters that don't get along...because most of the time, these stories end in a reconciliation of sorts. These stories have characters in them that might have a glimpse of someone that I know or will meet. So it's not that I don't want to enjoy classic literature, or read only non-fiction in hopes that my knowledge base increases...I just like to read stories that center around relationship in the here and now.

With that in mind, I will share my list. I began a list this summer of all the books I read, from May to September, just to have a record of my addiction. Also, my psychologist once accused me of being a liar because I told him I read at least 10 books a month. This proves my truth telling (so neener neener, Mr. Head Doctor). And I admit...I am not immune to reading a trashy novel once in awhile, when I don't really want to delve deep into a plot or character, but need a quick respite from real life. Don't judge. :) Starred books are ones I highly recommend.

The Last Summer (of you and me)-Ann Brashares
Back When We Were GrownUps-Anne Tyler
Look Again-Lisa Scottoline
*The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes-Diane Chamberlain
Saturday Morning-Lauraine Snelling
Noah's Compass-Anne Tyler
A Change in Altitude-Anne Tyler
*The Wednesday Sisters-Meg Waite Clayton
Stepping Into Sunlight-Sharon Hinck
South Bound-Susan Rebecca White
The Haunted Rectory-Katherine Valentine
*Secrets She Left Behind-Diane Chamberlain
*Sarah's Key-Tatiana De Rosnay
The Amateur Marriage-Anne Tyler
A Patchwork Planet-Anne Tyler
The Accidental Tourist-Anne Tyler (only read 1/4 of this)
*Digging To America-Anne Tyler
Dear John-Nicholas Sparks
Nights in Rodanthe-Nicholas Sparks
Wraith-Phaedra Weldon
Once in a Blue Moon-Leanna Ellis
Picture Perfect-Jodi Picoult
Still Alice-Lisa Genova
Her Fearful Symmetry-Audrey Niffenegger
*Belong to Me--Marisa de los Santos (one of the best contemporary fiction novels I've read in a long time)
Take Four-Karen Kingsbury
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (re-read)
Twilight (re-read)
7 science fiction type books that aren't worth mentioning
6 trashy romance novels
I re-read the first Harry Potter and Twilight

I'll answer some common questions: I don't sleep much, my house is NOT spotless, my children are NOT neglected, and we still get school done (most days). I read in the car, on the toilet, while Teddy is watching a movie...whenever I can.

So that's it. Just thought this was all share worthy, and a good kick-off to faithfully reading my blog that really no one reads.

Now, I'm off to read!!


Sarah Thulin said...

Followed the link you posted on fb to your blog....I think we were "reading twins", separated at birth! I'm copying and pasting your book list to use as reference next time I'm at the library looking for a good read. I'm a total fiction lover, too....I read for entertainment, unwinding, and escape - you'll find no "deep" books on my nightstand! :)

Teddy said...

I'm happy to support your addiction in any way possible. I hope some day I sit down with a great book and I find out you wrote it! Stay transparent Stacie.
I love you!