Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update on Madeleine

Yesterday was a long day, driving to Portland then to Salmon Creek, with a few stops in between. It wasn't, however, an awful day and for that I'm thankful!

We got to Madeleine's endo appointment at Legacy Emmanuel Children's Hospital 30 minutes early, and surprisingly, they called us in within 5 minutes of arriving! After meeting with her doctor, the consensus is....SHE'S NORMAL! Kind of. Her height dropped from 10% to 3%, but her doctor said that her puberty signs she's showing are early, early signs and mixed with her slow down in growth, is typical of a body that's gearing up to have a growth spurt. YAY!!! She said that Madeleine is still a "late bloomer" and to not expect any "womanly" type events for a couple years still (translation: she has at least 2 years to grow another foot!) Also, it was nice to be validated in my opinion of Madeleine's regular doctor...our endo muttered, "I wish these doctors would read up on puberty and get their facts straight!" As much as we liked Madeleine's new PCP at first, I think it might be time for another change once we get through this "fatigue" issue.

Which brings me to the next appointment. After feeding my relieved daughter at SlappyCakes in the Belmont Neighborhood, near Peacock Lane (which we loved, but know is NOT worth the cost), then unsuccessfully hunting high and low for cheap tap shoes...after all this, we finally made our way to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. Here we were told they were running behind. Then we were told they had no record of her appointment. Then they said, "EKG? Not EEG?" All I could do was repeat what I had been told by our doctor's nurse, the EKG scheduler, and the check-in lady downstairs. Finally, they brought her in for an EKG, which just as she's set up, a guy comes in and says, "Is this Madeleine? I have her scheduled for an EEG with me!" WHAT??? Seriously. I don't care what they do, just check my kid's heart and let us get on with our day!!!!

No really, it turned out okay. The people were so kind and they did her EKG really quick, just in case it was ordered. Then we went in for her EEG with a super nice guy, who talked her through everything she was seeing on the screen and talked about the heart, how it starts beating at 24 days post-conception and what a gift that is. Here's the cool part....we saw her heart on the ultrasound and it was the COOLEST THING EVER!!!! I saw all the chambers and valves; saw it from above and below and sideways; saw up close images of her aorta; and saw an image of her heart that looked just like what we see in anatomy books, except black and white. So, so cool! I kept looking for defects with my untrained eye, and thinking about the first time I saw her heart.

It was on ultrasound, around week 12 of my pregnancy, this little dot beating, representing hope to me. After miscarriages and infertility, the beating dot said, "This is a healthy baby. You really are pregnant. You are a mommy." So I tried to hold onto that hope yesterday, while looking at her seemingly healthy heart. "She is a healthy baby. You are a mommy and your baby is going to be just fine." Finding something wrong would be nice, because then we'd have an answer to her issues. But I'd rather have phantom fainting spells and lots of sleeping over my baby having a heart defect. At any rate, we're supposed to hear the results today, which means really, we''ll be calling the doctor Monday, wondering if there is any news. I'm sure they would call if something was wrong, so I'm not too concerned.

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