Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Madeleine, my most marvelous miracle

Tomorrow is a big day for my Miss Madeleine. For those of you not familiar with her story, a quick update...

She is short. About the size of an 8 year old, even though she's almost 12. Now, we are not extremely tall people, but still....she has almost a foot to grow to be my height, which I hit at age 12. So this year, we have spent some time with specialists. Her endocrinologist at Emmanuel Children's Hospital said back in May that she's fine, just a late bloomer, and as long as symptom A, B, or C don't appear, then we don't need to see her until December. Well, guess what? Symptom A and C appeared. So they got us in as quickly as possible and that is tomorrow morning. We will find out if in fact we need to be concerned or if she's still just normal. (Who wants to be normal anyway? That's so boring!) Anyway, Madz is a little nervous and while she doesn't like being shorter than normal, she also doesn't like the idea of HGC shots for the next 6 years. The idea of puberty grosses her out too. So the poor girl could use some prayer and good thoughts!

Then, tomorrow afternoon, she is seeing a heart specialist. First she will have an EKG, then we will either see the specialist right away, or they will call us later on. She began having extreme dizziness about 4 months ago, which led to near fainting spells. Then she began to complain of extreme fatigue, some heart flutters, lack of appetite, loss of a bit of weight, she's very pale and has dark shadows under her eyes (worse than usual for her), and sometimes finds herself disoriented. The doctor thought we should rule out any heart issues, since her blood work came back normal. If the EKG is fine, then we know we need to try a different nutrition route and maybe get more than 10 hours of sleep a night...but 10 hours is a lot for an almost 12 year old! We know the EKG won't hurt and she's not nervous about it. She wants to know what's wrong, at the same time as hoping that nothing is wrong.

My gut feeling is she's fine on both accounts. I'm very at peace about the whole thing. Which, to some degree, is what concerns me. I was very at peace when Soph was sick a year ago, and she ended up with a ruptured appendix, near death. So I always worry that when I am calm, it's God's way of preparing me for bad news, so I can be strong for my kids. Either way, I'll take it, but my heart's desire is to have healthy kids. And gosh darn it...this hasn't been our year on the health front. :(

Anyway, prayers and supportive thoughts would all be appreciated (I know some of my lovely friends aren't of the praying persuasion, so I'll take your kind and loving thoughts as well). Updates will be posted!!


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Morgan Rae said...

Hey Stacey! I will keep her in my prayers today! I have Turners Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder and makes me short. I have had the tests she has, and everything turned out fine. I took growth hormone as well, and it is tough in the beginning, but it gets easier! I will pray that all is well, and keep us updated!

htimm=) said...

I will be praying for you guys. We have had our share of health issues this year as well. Dr. Hunter is Bekah's endocrinologist. I love the endo team at Emmanuel.