Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another milestone

Sophia has had a loose tooth since August, but just this past couple weeks it's gotten VERY loose! This week it's been hanging by a thread. Everytime Daddy tried to pull it out, it hurt too bad or just wouldn't let go! Today it's been bleeding a lot when she brushed and really hurting her. So Big Sis Madeleine decided to help things along. She got out tissue and ice, sat Sophia down to ice her gum, and went about collecting some other items. Teddy was in the middle of telling me a big story of the day when I hear "I pulled out my tooth!" Because I was so engrossed in what Teddy was saying, we didn't really hear her. She said it again and came running over with bloody tissue in her hand and a cute little 5 year old front tooth! Madeleine was disappointed because she really wanted to yank it and Ben wanted to call everyone and tell them Sophia's news! But we let her have her moment...she kept saying "I wasn't even paying attention!" because that's what I kept saying! I feel that we're hitting more and more milestones with her and each one slams the door on ever having little ones at our home again! Sigh!

But she sure does look adorable with that hole in her mouth!

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