Thursday, December 11, 2008

So much has happened!

Gosh, life got away with me! Since Thanksgiving (which we hosted!), tons has happened!
After waiting 1-1/2 years since losing his first 2, Ben finally lost another tooth! YAY! Madeleine had her last weekend of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and we are CYT lifers from here on out. We can't say enough positive things about our experience. In fact, both her and Ben are signed up for classes next session! Can't wait! We've been super busy with preparations for some upcoming church activities; Christmas shopping; eating out way more than we can afford; piano recitals; and usual life. I haven't had a ton of time for schooling. Or cleaning.
We met a new friend through CYT--lots actually--but one in particular hit it off with the kids and I, and we had her babysit last weekend. The kids had a blast, our house was spotless when we came home, her and the kids were asleep, and everyone was safe and settled! It was awesome--thanks Kiana!
We also just got back from getting our family pictures done. First time in 2 years we've gotten formal ones. It took 4 hours! Aunt Heidi did them, but then the disc was corrupted and we had to wait for them to recover the pictures. Then it took forever to see them, then look at them. We'd not had dinner. Finally, $108 later and it's 9:30pm with no dinner yet, and Clackamas Town Center is closing down, we drive out looking for dinner. We end up at Applebees ($.99 kids meals on Wed nights) and now I'm up, unable to sleep because I'm sick to my stomach!
Today has been a hard day and December is flying by. I'm feeling a bit random in this post and it doesn't seem to be making sense. I'm very tired.

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