Monday, August 4, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the fair

Actually, it wasn't so funny, it was a bit scary! We spent a lofty Sunday morning at home, recuperating from the not-so-successful garage sale and an off-the-wall wedding reception. It was unfortunately a late night for the kids, so we missed church AGAIN! We were all packed and ready to go to the fair, we just had to take down our sale signs. I was in the house when I heard Ben screaming. I go outside to see Teddy walking him down the street, holding his arm. I immediately thought broken arm, but as they got closer, saw that it was his hand. The little man had been unable to reach a sign, so he climbed the fence. His foot slipped and he tried to stop himself by grabbing the top of the fence. Well, instead of going to the fair, we spent 4 hours at the emergency room.
This was after they'd stitched him up. After he awoke the morgue inhabitants with his piercing screams from the anesthetic needle. Poor guy, you'll notice a small patch in the middle of his pants. Let's just say he was VERY scared leading up to the stitches, and lost control a bit while being numbed! :( This picture makes me want to cry, he looks so miserable, but trying so hard to be brave!

They gave him a cool Matchbox set of cars for being so brave. Here he is outside the hospital.

Close up shot of his toy and his wrapped hand. Feeling better now that everything was done!

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