Thursday, May 22, 2008


That's all I can say about our life lately. We arrived home from Disneyland late on Tuesday night, only to take my MIL to the dr the next day and then to sign papers on our house today! My MIL also had surgery today, and we will move on Saturday to our new house! YAY!!

Disney update will be saved for later. For now, here's an update on my MIL--

She has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. Surgery today showed no evident cancer in her lymph nodes! She has already begun chemo and will be undergoing 5-6 weeks of radiation. Her prognosis is much better than we originally thought, with hope that she can be completely cured. Of course, that diagnosis only comes after a treatement regimen followed by 5 years of cancer free appointments, so we realized today that we are on a long journey. However, my husband now has hope that his mom will be here for the next holiday, and that alone has comforted him. My kids are doing okay. They saw her after her surgery today, only because she wasn't hooked up to a lot of machines--she just looked like she was in bed sleeping. However, Ben got really sad for her and began to cry, so we knew it was time to leave.

I just can't begin to explain how comforting it is to know that we have more hope than we thought in this! I do, however, request prayer specifically for her spiritual well-being, as well as that of the rest of the family. Also, I request prayer for reconciliation between certain members of the family, including my MIL. We will be talking with some of these people over the weekend, filling them in on the situation, and we can only hope that hearts will soften and forgiveness will be abundant. Lastly, I ask for prayer for my MIL for her treatments she will need to undergo. SHe is a very private person, not liking anyone to see her partially naked or anyone waiting on her. Some of the procedures related to radiation are going to be extremely hard for her to endure and I would pray that she would be calm, comfortable, not feel any more than she needs to and also that she would be at least partly agreeable towards her dr's and nurses! But I also pray that she would have fantastic dr's and nurses (mostly she has so far) and that they would be people she looks forward to seeing--the more she likes them, the more likely she is to let them work on her!

Okay, that's enough for now. Probably the next time I post, I will be doing so from my NEW house!! YAY!!

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