Thursday, June 5, 2008

First post from the new house!

We're in! We're not settled and there's lots of boxes in my house still, but we're in. The kids are doing so much better; we've met a lot of new neighbors and they seem very friendly; I've found a dead mouse in my Tupperware (I knew our old house still had mice in the garage!); and I'm not getting any sleep! But each day we love it more and more and we're getting used to all the sounds this house makes and trying to make it smell like our home.

Two nights ago, I made my first full dinner here. Ben, my 7 year old, came in the door and said, "MMM, something smells good!" (Oddly enough, it was chicken and rice, which 20 minutes later he promptly turned his nose up at it because he doesn't like chicken or rice, but I think it's only my chicken because he eats chicken nuggets, baked chicken breast, KFC, etc.!) Anyway, I heard him go into Madeleine's room and say, "Mimi, I don't mean to be rude, but our house hasn't smelled at all like our house until today. I walked in the door and it smelled like our home!" Isn't that sweet?

Also, today, Sophia, my 5 year old, came upstairs and saw me putting clothes away. She dropped what she was doing and said, "You do not need to do this alone!" then proceeded to take 9 trips up and down the stairs, bringing me clothes from a box. This from my "uncoordinated" child who dislikes running or sweating! She then dressed up in my old prom dresses, at one point wearing a velvet short jacket, no shirt, a black cape, a Batman chest thing, and put a rose in her mouth and struck a pose. We saw her change almost into a different kid from her last day as a 4 year old to her 5th bd! Its' been so cute and fun!

I'll try to update on Teddy's mom more later, and also fill in the details on Disneyland later.

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