Thursday, January 15, 2009

What if every encounter another person had with me caused them to walk away feeling as if they were enveloped in a hug? What if my prescense warmed them to the point of feeling like they were utterly loved, enjoyed and cherished?
I've realized over the last year that what I really, truly desire in life is to be included, to not be forgotten. I want to be loved and cherished; protected and thought of. I want to be remembered and known.
Somewhere, somehow, I'm not getting this and my challenge is to be okay with the idea that the only place I may ever get it is from God. I need to be satisfied with that and I need more of Him and less of me in order to attain that satisfaction.
What if my goal in life was to make sure that every person I interacted with, starting with my immediate family, left my prescense with a feeling that they were loved, remembered, wanted, included, protected and thought of. Maybe if I gave that first, I would start to have friendships that were deeper and met these needs. Maybe my marriage would survive the valleys. Maybe people would start to include me more and think of me more. Most of all, maybe I would start to be more Christ like.

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