Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Through the years

I was cleaning out my picture closet and found some old yearbook pictures of some of Teddy's relatives, and some of him! It's amazing how much he looks like some of his relatives! Really, take a look...the resemblance is uncanny. It's also funny to see how much Teddy has changed from some of his own yearbook pictures...time sure does fly!

Hah! Gotcha...but you didn't really believe me, did you? These are actually all Teddy. I found a site called and wasted way too much time tonight goofin' off! At least we know what Teddy would look like if he ever gained a ton of weight, and actually, my favorite one is the 10th one down, with the turtleneck and the bangs. These have made me laugh so many times tonight...I start to tear up it's so funny to me!

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