Friday, October 24, 2008

So, I'm a bit older and blessed

My birthday was a few days ago, on the 18th. My awesome husband threw together a surprise birthday party for me, planning it only a week before the big day. The best part about it...I was really surprised! So that was a fun time.

The next day was our anniversary--12 years! But we've been a couple for 16 years, and really, we were together the year-and-a-half before that. So it's been about 17-18 years that we've been giving each other a hard time! Good times, indeed.

We're going to The Stephanie Inn again, like we have every year since our honeymoon. This time, we're taking Teddy's parents. This was initially because his mom was sick, but now it's also to celebrate a little and offer them some relaxation. Unfortunately, work has been slow for Teddy and we can't afford to pay for the second night like we had hoped. So, I wrote The Stephanie Inn a letter, being very truthful about our situation, as well as about our loyalty to them. I let them know that even if they can't help us by discounting or comping the room for our parents, we will still be loyal guests. I didn't think we'd get a response, or the one we hoped for, and we were fully expecting to cancel our room and let the parents stay both nights. Well, today I got a call from the inn and they are giving us the second night on their room free! They said they appreciate their past guests so much; they appreciate my willingness to share and to ask for help; and they feel for what our family has gone through this past year. What a fantastic blessing God! So, here's the strong recommendation for visiting The Stephanie's on the expensive side, but it is seriously worth the money...the breakfast is included and the best you'll ever have; the service is polite and excellent; and the location is peaceful and relaxing.

Here's some pictures to commemorate my bd, our anniversary and the inn!

Yes, that's a beer in my hand...I had an uncle with a warped sense of, the drinking starts early in my family! That's a joke, but unfortunately, it's not very funny because it's true!

Preschool...wasn't I darling?

My senior year Sweethearts Tolo Dance...our first as an official couple. February 1993.

Engagement picture, August 1996

Our wedding day, October 19th, 1996

Our 11th anniversary, in front of the hearth at The Stephanie Inn. After looking at those former pictures, I see the need for Weight Watchers again! Ugh!

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