Friday, July 25, 2008

Does bad news really come in threes?

Well, we made it through Arlene's funeral. It was short and a beautiful day outside. The chaplain surprised the kids and I by using my comments I made in her online obituary guestbook. He summed up his message by quoting me, which was sweet but made me very uncomfortable. The kids did okay, but shortly before the service started, I found Ben on his knees in the grass, bending over face down. When I pulled him up, the poor little man was bawling! Arlene's husband came over and gave him a hug, but I'm sure it broke his heart too. So this whole week, we've kind of gotten sad at odd times.
So then last night, we receive a call from Teddy's grandma. His grandparents live in Portland and we see them about once a month. We used to see them more, as the entire family used to congregate for special events and holidays. But his grandparents had a falling out with his mom and sister about 7 years ago and then this past year with his other sister. So visits aren't what they used to be. Anyway, Grandpa had a stroke about 3 months ago, but when we saw him about 3-4 weeks ago, he was looking okay. However, I guess he's been losing weight quickly and they took him to the hospital to investigate. Turns out he has cancer everywhere in his body. They're sending him home today, hospice is coming in, and the family has been told to see him quickly.
So, we got the cancer diagnosis for Teddy's mom in May; our neighbor died of cancer last week; Grandpa will most likely die by August of cancer--I think I hate cancer. My maternal grandfather died of cancer when my mom was 13. My beloved maternal grandma died of brain cancer 8 years ago. Now this. What a hard concept to comprehend for my kids. We've especially been trying to hit hard the idea that just because Arlene died, and now because Grandpa is, doesn't mean Grandma Jinny will.
Anyway, that's our news. Cancer sucks. Next year, for sure, we are doing a team for Relay for Life--anyone want to join us?


wakefield said...

Hi this is Laurie OSter Wakefield. We went to high school together. I love to read blogs. I have an addiction. I am a cancer survivor and am walking in the relay for life tommorrow. IT is at columbia river HS. all are welcome. Might be good for your kids to see a lot of positive surrounding cancer. I send my most positive energy your way.

Jenn Nesland said...

Hey Stacie~
I googled you, hope you don't mind.
I had no idea, even after yesterday's conversation) how much grief and how many trials you have been dealt. So I want to encourage you!
You were my "lighthouse" when we were looking for a church home. Your friendly ways, your genuine smile...just the friend you became. I know we had our difficulties, but Ihavea feeling it is because we are more alike than we thought.
Last night seeing you at Target was a lift for me. I was kicking myself for running errands so late. I was already tired and in a terrible mood. But then I heard my namea nd saw your sweet smiling face and things changed. I was still tired and Knute could hear it in my voice when I called him from the store, but inside, my heart had been lifted and I owe that to you.
It was good to see you..sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. You look good and thngs sound like they are as they should be (as far as God's plan goes). I do wish far more "good" things to come your way. That you find contentment and joy in your situation. You're a good person with a huge heart and I will never forget you, no matter what turns life leads us on.