Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deep Thoughts

One more thing before I try to sleep.
My friend Angel and I both saw "Mamma Mia" this past week--awesome show, go see it. However, she mentioned wanting the soundtrack, but thinks she'll get the Broadway version so she can avoid having to hear Pierce Brosnan sing. It wasn't delightful, unless you're drunk and in an Irish Pub. At any rate, I thought that I would still get the movie version because I really liked Meryl Streep and the girl who played her daughter.
So here's my deep thought--there are those of us that would give up something we really like/want in order to avoid something we don't want and then there are those of us that will tolerate the thing we don't like/want in order to have the thing we do. I'm obviously the latter of the two. Speaking in terms of music, it's no big deal. But when I think in terms of TV shows or books or music that I allow in my home....I've realized that it can be a big deal. I think I would be better off, for example, saying no to sex on tv in our home and therefore watching no Gray's Anatomy rather than saying I'll allow a little bit of sex in so I can see the rest of the show.
I know I'm starting to not make sense so I'll cut this off now, but did I make any sense there? Or is it just a load of sleep deprived mumbo jumbo?

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