Monday, December 17, 2007 - I Like Mike!

In case you couldn't tell, this is a post about our next president. Are we really that confident, that cocky, that hopeful, to assert that Mike Huckabee will be our next president? YES! Actually, we don't know what will happen and we know there's a lot of variables here. However, we also know that we get tingles when we think of him as our next president. We get excited when we hear him speak, when we read his website and see what he stands for. We love his authenticity, his real faith, his humor, and his tough stand on the major issues that we care about. We don't support him because he's a Christian, or a former pastor, or a white male. The fact that he's a Christian is excellent, but we love that being a Christian is just who he is, not something he does. We love that he plays the bass guitar. We love that he's lost weight and is into a healthy America. We love Mike Huckabee, more than we ever did George Bush (or Billary Clinton, back in my very liberal Democrat days).

Seriously, if you haven't looked into the candidates, we urge you to do so now. Check out and read up on him. Even Chuck Norris supports him (hey Uncle Chuck--remember me? Fun story there for another time.)--check it out the link to see the proof:

At any rate, Republicans are divided right now, we believe even more so amongst each other than with Democrats. The time seems to be right now to come together and unite and we believe MIke Huckabee can be the man to bring our country back to a point that we can be extremely proud of. Check him out!

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