Sunday, December 16, 2007

First post!

So after having a blog over at that I haven't used since April, I decided that it makes more sense to have a family blog that focuses on more than just homeschooling. So here we are! If you know us well at all, you'll know that most of the posts will be from me, but I'm hoping that Teddy will post occasionally if I get him logged on! Oh, and just because I had that other blog doesn't mean I actually know what I'm doing here--I'm very blog-illiterate!

So let me introduce us, if you don't already know. I am Stacie and I am married to my best friend Teddy. We've been married for 11.2 years and are high school sweethearts. There's so much more to the story than that, but it'll make a good story for later. We have 3 little ones--M. who is 9, B. who is almost 7 and S. who is 4-1/2. We are homeschooling family; a busy family; a Christ following family; a loving family; a sports family; a musical family.

Hopefully we can document our adventures of family life and actually make it interesting!

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