Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy happy day of birth to you!

I am officially the mother of a teenager!

This is where I'm going to enter in a cute baby picture of her, as soon as I'm on the right computer. :)

Thirteen years ago today (well, almost exactly 13 years...we still have 1 hour to be official), Madeleine was born! I can't believe how quickly 13 years has gone. I know that's so totally cliche, but it's true.

The first child is that one that "makes" you a mother. I think it's the subsequent ones that tend to refine your motherhood. Maybe it's just because Madeleine has been such an easy child to parent (except the first colicky 3 months, we won't mention those). She doesn't struggle (so far) with the stereotypical teenage girl drama or emotions, and that makes it kind of hard to believe we actually have a teenager!

So, in honor of my baby girl, I am going to compose an acrostic poem for her (in which I promise NOTHING about the worth of), on the fly. This is how our relationship and humor with each other tend to go. I act stupid and she laughs. She acts silly and I laugh. I think up ways to embarrass her and she shakes her head, muttering, "Oh Mother, what shall I do with you?"

So, here goes!

Much loved and hoped for you were,
And lots of joy you've brought us.
Deliciously tiny and so very sweet, with
Exceptionally talented and useful feet. (hey, that line rhymed!)
Love your family and your friends,
Especially your main homey, Jesus.
In life, your talent will take you far, but
Not as far as your heart, mind and wit. Madeleine
Elizabeth Pamela, we love you very much!

Oh, that's terrible. So, so bad, but on the fly, this late at night, after the weekend we've had and with the week we have to look forward to, that's all I've got, baby girl! Someday I'll write you a book or something that is super good (and don't forget alllll those songs I've made up for you all these years, especially the ones about Jesus and the fire circle while camping and being friends!)

Happy, happy day of birth to my "little" girl!!!! (No pun intended or directed toward the short kid in the family!) :)

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Madeleine Townsend said...

:) Thank you momma for that delightful poem. ;) I really did like it. :) Love you! :)