Friday, October 28, 2011

I promise, we do more than just go to doctor's appointments...

I'd like to update everyone on regular life, because I promise, we do a lot more around here than just go to doctor's appointments. HOWEVER, it just so happens that we have been to see a doctor 3 times in the last week and the information from these appointments demand some attention.

First, Ben had an EKG and it was fine. However, we were encouraged to contact his psychiatrist, regarding his headaches. We think they are related to his medication. So, we did and the dose was increased. It does seem to have helped the headaches a bit, but he sure does hate the medicine. We are looking into natural remedies and nutritional changes in order to control the Tourette's, but until then, we are trying out the medicine.

One really good development we've had in the "Life with Tourette's" journey is that we met today with Ben's new talk therapist. His last talk therapist wasn't such a good connection for Ben, and while we like his psychiatrist, we WERE happy that he suggested we use someone else for talk therapy. So, even though the new counselor is a woman (and Ben had requested a man), she still has a dog, which was important to Ben, and she seemed so gentle and kind on the phone. Well, we met her today and we LOVE her. It's the first time I've seen Ben respond to a doctor or therapist the way he did; he's been so happy and animated since, especially when we talk about the appointment and her dog; and I feel so hopeful that this woman can help Ben gain some positive skills towards dealing with his challenge and accepting that there are fantastic things about BEN!

So, all day, I've been thinking about a few things...I can't believe sometimes how much I entirely love this kid. It's sometimes so hard to see that in the midst of his tantrums and issues and such. But seeing some peace in him, and watching him truly work toward making positive changes in himself, has been giving us glimpses of the the kid we knew was in there, and the reason for the hope we've held onto in the dark years of training and disciplining a "challenging" child...he is a fantastically intelligent child who has a tremendous amount of humor, love, gentleness, and spunk in him. He's observant, honest, tries to always choose to do the right thing, and loves being included and having friends. He doesn't understand how other boys can call him stupid or irritating, because when he feels that way toward a friend, he tries to stay patient with that friend and then unloads on me later. As Ben works through his challenges and grows, I am seeing a kid who has the world at his fingertips, who has such greatness in him ready to burst forward, and the best thing is, I get to go along for the ride (at least part of it)! When my 10-3/4 yr old son holds my hand (yes, in public and without shame, ladies! Be jealous!), I am reminded of how lucky I am to have this super duper challenging child, because often, the things that are the hardest are the things that give the best reward.

So, in a sense, Tourette's has given me a gift and I'm so excited as we open the package and see what blessings we've yet to find!

Finally, for a quick update on our other appointments...I had another Vitamin D blood test and my levels are normal now. I'm sure I'll keep taking it for another month, at least, and then taper off to a more normal dosage on a regular basis. Teddy had a retest of his Creatine Kinase levels, as they are double what they should be. They are still highly elevated, yet the cardiac tests we've run so far have been normal. So we are baffled at where this muscle injury/fatigue indicator is coming from. He has a great doctor as well, so we are confident he will find the cause. But I sure would love to hear some experiences anyone has had with this elevated enzyme, if any of you have had experience with it. Just for brainstorming's sake!

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Julianna Lawson said...

Continuing to pray for you guys, Stacie!