Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lots to say

I have lots to say, so much on my mind. Those of you who know me well, know that I typically do not go to sleep before midnight. However, the last two nights, I've gone to sleep at 10:30 and 9:30. Tonight was 9:30...but here I sit at 1am, having woken up and not able to get back to sleep. I know it's mostly because of heavy thoughts on my mind. Oh how I wish to unload them onto you, my faithful readers, in hopes of some clarity or relief. But I also don't want to ONLY write about deep thoughts and severe emotions. Since these heavy thoughts aren't concentrated to one topic only, it does seem difficult to write about here. They include continuing faith issues that I've previously shared, as well as marriage junk, parenting woes, pre-teen drama, bd parties coming up, the holiday, bankruptcy issues, Christmas plans going awry....ahhhh, so much to think on.

So instead of delving deep into those, I thought I would share one of the beautiful things that happened this week!

Madeleine turned 12! Good grief, it seems like just yesterday I was looking at that stick turning pink with a positive sign. Her birthday was on Sunday and we had Ben's closing show and party for The Little Mermaid, but her morning started out with the cast singing her happy birthday after Sunday worship! That was fun! Then, after the strike party, our family went to dinner (including our good family friend, Kiana, who Madeleine considers one of her very best friends even though she is 6 years older--she's more of an older sister to her!). Kiana also stayed the night with her, which was fun. After dinner and after a quick trip home, I took Kiana and Madz to the store for a movie and some breakfast foods (and I made sure to act very embarrassing throughout the store). I also got them a treat at McDonald's and we had some funny times there. This coming weekend, Kiana is helping me to give Madeleine a bd party...not a lot of her friends can come, but it should still be a good time! I still can't believe that God blessed me with such a kind, caring, responsible, loving, mature, funny, and loyal first born child. I feel so lucky to have the children that I have, and so undeserving. I also can't believe I have a 12 year old!!!

A really great thing happened to Ben during the strike party of Little Mermaid that I can't wait to share, but it requires a longer posting. I will save it for later. For now, I am hoping my close friend Insomnia will leave me alone and let me get on in my journey toward slumber!

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