Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's not that I'm missing..

it's just that nothing really good has been happening in life and I've been really negative. I don't want to spread that kind of mojo around, so I haven't been writing.

Update on Weight Watchers--well, let's just say that the pounds are creeping back in, I haven't really been following program since PA, and we've decided to stop paying for me to go until after Disneyland. I have been trying to get back the 16 pounds down that I was before we leave, but that may just entail having anorexia for the next 17 days. It's very discouraging.

Our house situation--just yesterday, we found out we lost our 5th house we've attempted to buy. Sucks. Badly. Our kids are not doing too well. Having meltdowns, behavior issues. They are tired of living at my mom's. So am I. I desperately hope that we can find a house by this week that someone actually wants to sell. It's not a buyers market.

We've had a possible change in our daughter's soccer "career" and it's been hitting us hard. Not a lot of detail to offer up here, but we feel like everything has been changing lately, why this?

Our daughter is also feeling friendless, which happens to be a side affect of homeschooling, I know. She has friends, but our life so dumb lately that it's not really easy to keep up those friendships and no one is really knocking down her wall (or our phone) to invite her over. So it's a sad catch 22. Not a lot I can tell her to comfort her, as so often I also feel the same way she does.

That's about it for now. There's a lot more going on, but really, we just need a house. Badly. Quickly and badly.

One positive thing--Teddy and I attended a Real Life Marriages Retreat (Homeschoolers Edition) this weekend and it was awesome! We are so glad we went! It's put together and run by Jay and Heidi St. John, who run our co-op, as well as Steve and Jane Lambert, who are the publishers and writers of the Five In A Row curriculum. If you ever have a chance to go--DO IT!!

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