Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a fun weekend!!!

So we had a fantastically fun time this weekend, trying out letterboxing. We only found 1 of the 5 we tried for, but we sure did have a grand time and definitely plan to make this a regular activity!
Lately, we've been having some stirrings deep inside on church matters, so we've been taking our attendance a little lightly! So today, we decided to go to the zoo instead (yes, we brought along our saw to cut off our arm and leg!) We ended up joining again since it was cheaper in the long run. We had a great time, especially watching Sophia freak out because she loves animals so much. But I was shocked at how much prices have raised! I knew the admission cost had gone up, but even the train has skyrocketed! Last time we rode it, about 3 years ago, it was $2.25 for members to ride. Check out what we spent today...
This is per multiply this by 5!

These are the same receipt, I just zoomed in for your viewing pleasure!

This was for 2 adult meals which we shared with the kids. We also bought them two elephant ears at the price of $4 each!
So, while we are glad that we bought the membership, we won't ever be riding that train again unless we ride MAX since you get a free train ride then! And we will ALWAYS bring our own food (which normally we do) and we will totally go back to the zoo just to see Sophia flipping out over all the animals!
But a message to the Oregon Zoo....I know times are tough, but please don't make the zoo accessible only to the upper class! We spent money there today that we should have spent in more responsible ways, but lots of people can't afford your prices to even get in, let alone ride the train. And eating there is just a big anyway, that's my soap box!
But we sure did have a fantastic weekend!!! :)

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